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Helping business achieve greater revenue by leveraging great business culture and building teams that are geared for growth.
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Helping change people and culture to achieve bigger dreams in your business.

Is your team resilient enough to respond to change and disruption?

Are you struggling with people issues as they suffer under the strain of current challenges?

How do you keep people motivated and engaged, and focussed on your business strategy?

Are you unsure about how to lead your team or teams in the current environment?

One of the top 3 reasons businesses fail, is they fail to establish the right team to run their business.

The right team with the right ideas and abilities to execute them is critical to your business succeeding and adapting to changing environmental pressures.

  • Do you know if you have the right team?
  • Do you know how to attract and maintain the right people?
  • Do you know how to optimise your team and culture to run a high performing business ?
  • Do you know how to create a business culture that will keep customers coming back to you?

Your business is in good hands.

Photo of a man holding the lens of a camera. The geared for growth logo of a gear with upward arrows is in the centre of the lens.
Create focus and clarity in your people by designing the best team in the world.
Photo of a woman jumping in the air at the top of a mountain. Other hills and a river are visible below and in the distance.
Lead resilient teams.
Create a high-performance customer-obsessed culture.
More time for you to focus on your business than in your business.
Group of young people smiling and gathering around a laptop looking at something on the screen.
Lead highly engaged teams.
Manage for value, not inputs.
Learn to love feedback.
Learn fast, fail fast – create a culture that adapts and can thrive in crisis.

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12 August, 2020
Close up of a wooden card with the words, 'VALUE FOR MONEY' written on it.

Rafi Mohammed, founder of Culture of Profit and author of “The 1% Windfall: How Successful Companies Use Price to Profit and Grow” recently spoke to Harvard Business Review. He said that business leaders should re-evaluate their pricing strategy rather than panic and slash prices. And if this sounds like a daunting thing to do at a time when there is so much uncertainty, don’t feel disheartened. Most organisations large and small struggle with pricing according to Rafi.

22 July, 2020
Blurred photo of a colourful tribal skirt in full motion.

During this very strange time of uncertainty, I often feel both optimistic and pessimistic. I err on moving forward which means taking calculated risks, and investing in, rather than contracting, my business efforts. I focus on challenging myself to be relevant in the new normal, whilst hoping that I’m going in the right direction before I have to change, pivot and twirl again!



5 May, 2020

Everyone loves free stuff. Most business owners don’t even know they have free resources at your fingertips! Untapped potential sits in your business cycles; your sales cycles; the relationships you have with your suppliers and partners; and your customersThere’s untapped potential in the ways in which your staff engage with your business. That’s like having money in the bank you don’t know you have! So what you want to do is actually shine the light on that potential? There are six areas of your business you should leveraging.

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