A Culture of Innovation

How Do You Foster A Culture Of Innovation In A Large Company?

Innovation is not an end state, rather, it is a tool to bring your organisation towards the achievement of its goals. Innovation starts with a needs analysis, a careful look at your current position or reality, and an honest evaluation of the cost and benefits of the transformation you desire.

Next, you have to know what kind of innovation you need whether incremental or disruptive innovation or both. This can only happen when you take on different perspectives about the problems and challenges. Diversity and innovation work hand in hand.

Once you know what you want to do and achieve, the next step is to align your stakeholders’ values, expectations, and practices to support innovation. Everyone involved should clarify their roles and expectations. Innovation thrives when there is openness.

At the end of your transformation process, it is important to measure and check the progress that you’ve made to ensure that change happens in all the departments, teams, and other groups within the organisation.

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