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The Dark Side of Time Management

I am so overworked, there is too much to do and my workload is not getting any lighter. Sound familiar? If you’ve been around the same circles as me, I’m sure you’ve been given advice about “time management”! I used to get so sick of mentors and other leaders telling me that my problem was time management!

Workplace stressors

In response I would point to all the workplace stressors related to having too much to do, and unattainable targets as the cause of my feelings of overwork+. And they used to say, “well maybe you need to look at your time management:. I would want to answer… “well maybe you need to look at your leadership skills and provide clearer priorities and a more cohesive purpose!”…but of course, I never voiced that.

Instead, I would find myself in yet another boring training session on ‘time management’.

An effective way of managing time

Now I know, that a more effective way of managing time for me is to reflect on the commitments I am making to myself and others that get in the way of achieving my perfect workday. 

First I need to formulate what my perfect day is, and allow time in the week for all the things that are non-negotiable.

I ask myself, what do I care about in the different aspects of my life and where will I make time for those things.

What is in my control, and what am I concerned about but have no control over. And the other important lesson for me has been learning to say no, and not yet. It’s still a work in progress but I am getting closer to my perfect day and life every day!

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