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How do I find a business coach or mentor?

'There are so many people out there offering advice for my business problems, it's overwhelming!'
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This is something I’ve been hearing from a lot of business owners lately. There seems to be a lot of people offering advice in very uncertain times. For business owners who are time poor this can add to confusion and anxiety.

If you’re anything like me, you’re so over attending webinars or signing up to coaching programs that don’t get you closer to achieving your goals. And you’re sick of scouring through hours of online learning for you and your staff that don’t quite hit the mark. And let’s not even get started on all the software you’ve bought that promised to make running your business easier when all it seems to do is add to your monthly costs and frustration.

I started two business ventures in 2017 and another in 2019 after transitioning from a very successful and busy career in  corporations focussed on driving strategic large-scale change. I knew that I needed to learn during the transition from professional to entrepreneur and I opened myself to some experiences. Some were beneficial, like my participation in a business coaching program with Jag Jassel and a content writing bootcamp with personal branding expert Jane Anderson

But others were not as helpful or only provided half the advice I needed. What I found was that many of the experts selling me learning and coaching were very focussed on one aspect of business. And I understand, they need to be, otherwise their message gets diluted and they can’t offer clarity to others. But where it fell short for me was that the advice I received was too narrow. I’m a systems thinker, and need to understand the ways in which all functions of business work together. So for me, the narrow focus just didn’t work.

This was the experience that inspired how we would better service our community of entrepreneurs and business owners at Higher Spaces. Covid-19 forced us to speed up plans we already had for a virtual membership service given that we were all in lockdown and unable to utilise our physical co-working space. I wanted to fill the gaps that I had experienced in my business journey by providing solid mentoring and coaching, but the question was how?

So I asked, what if business owners could get the answers they need when they need them from a range of people they trust? What would having an expert panel in their back pocket do for their increased ability to run their best business across all its functions? What if we could collaborate with some amazing mentors and bring these all to one place for our members? So that’s what we did and the Business Elevator was an outcome. We had run live events under that banner before where we brought experts together in a room across a whole day to share their tips and expertise. We wanted to recreate that same service but in an easy to access online environment.

My Business partner, Shu Tan, and I partnered with two other experts, Lucia Zelesco and Lily Hii. Together we developed a one stop mentor shop, The Business Elevator! We are all experts in different areas and come together under the Business Elevator as a mentor team. You get just-in-time expertise on your business strategy and planning, digital marketing and sales approach, mindset shifts, people and culture, and money management and finance. We also have a trusted team of suppliers that we can refer you to so you don’t have to waste time searching for them yourself.

Here is what some of our members are saying about the Business Elevator:
Hi Josephine, I found the session and your feedback tremendously helpful, thank you!
Rishi Kher
Director, Holy Sanity
I was fortunate to be invited to join the Business Elevator pilot program. During the bewildering first few months of the COVID pandemic, my work had dried up. As a newly-minted self-employed consultant, I was struggling for direction.  Joining Business Elevator enabled me to meet other people in my situation. More importantly, though, it gave me an opportunity to dig right down to the bedrock of what I want my business to achieve: WHY I'm doing it, WHAT I want to deliver, HOW I want to work, with WHOM I want to work, and the VALUE that I want to bring. I learned valuable skills in business forecasting and got to test my assumptions.
Dr Iain Butterworth

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