Women practicing yoga at a serene Bali retreat, surrounded by lush greenery and traditional Balinese architecture, symbolizing feminine power and women's empowerment

Discovering Feminine Power: A Journey Through a Bali Retreat

Introduction to the Retreat

The Rising to Feminine Power retreat in Bali is a intentionally crafted experience aimed at helping women discover and embrace their inner strength. The retreat is co-facilitated by Drs. Josephine Palermo and Petra Plencner, both of whom bring unique skills and perspectives to the table. Petra, with her background in hypnotherapy and other therapeutic techniques, provides deep, healing sessions, while Josephine, who has a PhD in Organisational Psychology, focuses on creating a safe space for women to explore tangible issues they face in the workplace and beyond.

Structure of the Retreat

Over the course of five nights and six days, participants engage in a variety of activities designed to promote healing, self-discovery, and empowerment. The retreat offers a balanced mix of fun experiences and profound healing sessions, allowing participants to release pent-up emotions, laugh, cry, and ultimately, grow together in a supportive environment.

Core Essence of Feminine Power

The retreat’s core focus is on helping women tap into their feminine power. Hypnotherapy sessions and other therapeutic techniques are employed to facilitate this process. Discussions also revolve around the challenges women face in the workplace, aiming to equip participants with the tools and confidence needed to thrive professionally while staying true to their feminine essence.

Post-Retreat Integration: Continuing the Journey

The journey of empowerment doesn’t end with the retreat. To ensure lasting change, the retreat includes three group sessions held over several months after the retreat ends. These sessions, along with optional one-on-one meetings with Josephine and discounted sessions with Petra, help participants integrate their new insights and skills into their daily lives.

Euphoric Aftermath

The impact of the retreat is often immediate and profound. Many participants report feeling euphoric and more centered upon returning home. Personal stories of enhanced relationships, improved professional dynamics, and an overall sense of wellbeing are common. The support and connections made during the retreat continue to benefit participants long after they’ve left Bali.

Importance of Integration

True empowerment comes from integrating the lessons learned at the retreat into everyday life. This means taking the time to reflect, journal, and continue the practices introduced during the retreat. By doing so, participants can ensure that the positive changes they experienced become a permanent part of their lives.

Reflection and Storytelling: Reflecting on the Experience

Reflection is a crucial part of the empowerment process. It allows individuals to understand the significance of their experiences and how they can apply these lessons to their lives. Josephine shares personal anecdotes and insights from the retreat to encourage participants to reflect deeply on their journeys.

A central theme of the retreat is drawn from Josephine’s best-selling book Rising to Feminine Power: The Lasso of Truth. The book explores women’s experiences of wielding and losing power. In the book, Josephine refers to the book Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. This book, a significant influence on Josephine, provides profound insights into feminine power and the wild woman archetype. Its teachings are woven into the retreat’s activities and discussions, offering participants a rich source of wisdom and inspiration.

The Wolf’s Eyelash Story

To understand the work required to integrate the learning we get from our spiritual practice, Josephine shares the story of “The Wolf’s Eyelash” from Estes’ book. This story highlights the importance of seeing the true essence of people and situations, a skill that is crucial for personal and professional growth. Participants are encouraged to internalise the lessons from this story and apply them to their own lives.


The Rising to Feminine Power retreat in Bali offers a unique and transformative experience for women seeking to embrace their inner strength and empower themselves. Through healing sessions, supportive group activities, and ongoing integration practices, participants leave the retreat with a renewed sense of self and a deeper connection to their feminine power. Future retreats promise to continue this journey of empowerment, offering new opportunities for growth and connection.


What should I expect from a Bali retreat focused on feminine power?

A Bali retreat focused on feminine power offers a blend of healing sessions, group activities, and personal reflection designed to help women embrace their inner strength and empower themselves in their personal and professional lives.

How can hypnotherapy help in discovering feminine power?

Hypnotherapy can help participants access deeper layers of their subconscious, facilitating the release of limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, and allowing them to connect more fully with their feminine essence.

What are the benefits of post-retreat group sessions?

Post-retreat group sessions provide ongoing support and accountability, helping participants integrate the lessons learned at the retreat into their daily lives and maintain the positive changes they’ve experienced.

How do I integrate retreat experiences into daily life?

Integration involves reflecting on the retreat experiences, continuing the practices introduced during the retreat, and participating in follow-up sessions to ensure that the positive changes become a permanent part of your life.

Why is storytelling important in women’s empowerment retreats?

Storytelling is a powerful tool for conveying wisdom and inspiring personal growth. It helps participants see themselves in the stories shared, understand the lessons, and re-write their own story, fostering a deeper connection to their feminine power.

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