Gears, Action, Growth:
Shifting Business Culture one Conversation at a Time

Dr. Josephine Palermo's superpower is to create business cultures that transform organizations team by team. With a Ph.D. in Organisational Psychology, and from working with big corporates and government, to small and large businesses. Josephine is a wellspring of knowledge and experience. On top of that, she owns three enterprises and is a sought-after speaker.

Gears, Action, Growth is a podcast for anyone who is interested in leveraging the power of people in their business. We discuss topics on building great teams and business cultures.

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Episode 41: Severance

In this episode, Iain and I discuss our reactions to the new show on Apple TV called Severance and how it raises questions for us about how we manage our personal and work lives.

We go from cringing about those office rituals of forced conviviality, and discussing how we can build a workplace environment that encourages bringing our whole self to work, to questioning when is a bit of severance actually a good thing? And there’s lots more in between.

Join us for this at times hilarious conversation and don’t worry, there are no spoilers.

For more information about Severance: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11280740/

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Episode 40: Whisper, Tap, Slap with Cindy Scott

Josephine is joined by Cindy Scott who is a Leadership Coach ⭐️ Author ⭐️ Speaker ⭐️ Podcast Host ⭐️ and retailer of Cancer and Wellbeing Gifts ⭐️ as well as being a Tea Connoisseur

Cindy survived Cancer twice. This is her story about how she transformed her life after the devastating re-emergence of breast cancer nearly 5 years after her first diagnosis.

You can contact Cindy and see her fabulous resources at https://evolvingwomen.co/

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Episode 39: Communication is a promise you make with Russell Pearson

In this episode Josephine is joined by Russell Pearson who is living the dream lifestyle of the 4hr week and runs a successful coaching advisory business.

With a background in design and marketing, we cover topics around ideal client and talent attraction, and what shifts business owners need to make today.

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Episode 38: Telling and Telepathy with Paul Matthews

Josephine is joined by Paul Matthews, who has a new top ten bestseller book SWITCH: from telling to trusting

Paul believes trust is the essence of leadership and loves to inspire others to powerful leadership through communication. We discuss this and other topics in this episode.

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Episode 37: The Dark Triad and Corporate Psycopathy with Mack Zhou

Organisational Psychology trained, Mack Zhou, helps us understand what the Dark Triad is, and how would we know we are in the presence of it. Importantly he also offers some tips on what to do when confronted with someone who could have this distinct personality profile.

Contact Mack at www.linkedin.com/in/mack-z/

Further reading on the Dark Triad:  https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0092656602005056

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Episode 36: Imposter Syndrome amongst Australia’s best and brightest

After a bit of a hiatus, we are back for regular episodes. Drs Josephine Palermo and Iain Butterworth explore the consequences of imposter syndrome.

Iain tells a story about where he sees the impact of Imposter Syndrome in a team of leading thinkers in our Country that he was recently a part of. He asks why this happens and what are the impacts for individuals and organisations.

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Episode 35: Can Organisations be Non-Binary? (Part 2)

In Part 2 we continue our conversation about non-binary culture and explore how it is demonstrated in organisational culture and in our leadership. We also discuss how we can take non-binary and inclusive practices beyond gender.

Josephine mentions Paul Mac in this episode, learn more about this incredible artist here https://paulmac.com.au/tour/

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Episode 34: Can Organisations be Non-Binary? (Part 1)

Josephine and Iain discuss what it means for the future of work when society is shifting to non-binary modes of gender identity for individuals and can this make an impact on the systems we live and work in.

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Episode 33: The Stories We Tell with Randall Pearce

Randall Peace, Director of Think Insight Advice joins Josephine and Iain for a discussion about narrative coaching, and how the stories we tell about ourselves can play an important role in determining our success.

As Shakespeare said, ‘Beware the stories you tell yourself, for surely you will live them.’

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Episode 32: Iain Butterworth on the Weekend our Relationship Broke

We are back for Season 2 with a new co-host that you may have heard in conversations with me in Season 1…drum roll. Please welcome the enigmatic Dr. Iain Butterworth.

Our wonderful Season 1 co-host, the vivacious Christy Mori is busy pursuing other projects so won’t be back for another Season of Gears Action Growth this year.

Today Iain remembers how we met and what he hopes to see in this Season’s podcast.

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Episode 31: Entrepreneurship and Growth with Casey Hill

Casey was raised by a long line of entrepreneurs in his family, he talks about his journey through entrepreneurship and the power of connection as a central theme in his success.

Dr. Josephine and Casey talk about the some of the defining moments of his career and how he learnt about the impact of truly connecting to customers.

Casey is the Head of Growth – Bonjoro, a personal video email platform, helping businesses to improve connection with their customers in a world of automation. You can contact him at www.bonjoro.com

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Episode 30: Tony Sutherland on Delivery at Speed

Dr Josephine chats with Tony Sutherland who is an Executive Product Owner and Agile Coach on the way he has achieved extraordinary improvements in product delivery times in a culture that was not set up for speed. They discuss his leadership philosophy, agile practice and human centred design, all of which created the right environment to change ways of working at scale.

Tony referenced this book in this episode: Eric Ries: The Lean Startup http://theleanstartup.com/book

Tony’s Linked in Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/transformationlead/

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Episode 29: Rachael Kmiec on Delivering on True Employee Engagement

Rachael is a Community Lead at Servian, a tech consultancy throughout Aust, NZ, Singapore and India. Dr Josephine and Rachael discuss how to truly engage your employees.

For more information about Servian go to:

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Episode 28: Laura Mazin on Truly Delivering on Customer Experience

Dr Josephine talks to Laura Mazin, CEO of AchieveAble, and a Customer Experience Guru, about how to deliver an impactful customer experience in your business.

Laura Mazin has over 30 years’ experience accelerating business growth through transformed customer experiences.

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Episode 27: Dr. Iain Butterworth on Identity and Place

Josephine and Dr Iain Butterworth, who are good friends and colleagues, discuss our human connection to spaces and what companies and governments need to know to rethink how we create different spaces for a post Covid world.

Dr. Iain Butterworth, who is trained in Community Psychology, is passionate about healthy cities and communities. Iain has extensive experience across government, higher education, and the community sectors. What are the opportunities for re-conceptualising our connection to place in 2022 .

Some useful references mentioned in the episode:

Iain’s Blog

Cardinia Shire Council Liveability Plan – has significant relevance to the ‘suburban economy’ – https://www.cardinia.vic.gov.au/downloads/download/536/cardinia_shire_s_liveability_plan_2017-29_-_cardinia_shire_counci

Read Iain’s blog page for his series of blogs on Sense of Place https://iainbutterworth.com/blog/

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Episode 26: A conversation with Shu Tan: Surviving Shitty Hard Times

Shu’s life changed dramatically about 12 months ago. Coming through all of that to the other side, Josephine speaks to Shu about her journey, the life lessons in resilience and courage, and what’s in store now.

For more information:

Breast Cancer Network Australia
Pink Hope
Think Pink Foundation
Cancer Council

Episode 25: Resetting our Relationships

According to some studies, 10 per cent of the people we meet in our lives don’t actually like us so how do we get along with everyone in the workplace?

We often get stuck in relationship patterns with people, including our colleagues and bosses at work, and feel like that is never going to change.

Episode 24: Staying Focused in a Sea of Distraction

This last week has been one of those weeks where my focus was definitely distracted….by news broadcasts on the pandemic, climate change, and Afghanistan; to mention a few. Interruptions, more news about lockdown extensions, home schooling… So, we discuss ways to create focus during this time of so many distractions.

Episode 23: Dr. Iain Butterworth on Dealing with Doubt and Uncertainty

Josephine and Dr. Iain Butterworth, who are good friends and colleagues, discuss how to deal with doubt and uncertainty of your people in your business.

They discuss why it’s important to check in with your team about their doubts and uncertainties, and importantly how to address these before they lead to poor productivity, absenteeism and bad business culture and outcomes.

Episode 22: Designing for true collaboration: Coworking, Flexibility and Agility

With many of us are still working from home, CEOs are beginning to wonder how will they get their staff back to the office. In this episode we discuss some alternatives to defaulting to ways of working before the pandemic.

Episode 21: Some personal thoughts on Purpose, and what happens if you don’t have one

In this episode, we revisit Purpose, what it means to both of them, and what their purpose actually is currently. We explore this in our work and home lives.

Episode 21: Interview with Natalie Dimbleby, COO, Roots of Fight

Christy Mori chats with Natalie Dimbleby, the COO of media and lifestyle brand ‘Roots of Fight’ about entrepreneurship and running a successful business.

Roots of Fight celebrates the improbable achievements of today’s most legendary athletes, innovators, and cultural icons.

Episode 20: Organisational Psychologist Graeme Bye on Why is Personal Branding important to your purpose

In recent years Graeme Bye, an Organisational Psychologist, and seasoned HR Director ,has been helping his clients with their personal brand. Graeme and Josephine discuss how personal branding became a focus of his work and why, and Graeme talks about the links between ageing and lack of purpose.

Episode 18: Organisational Psychologist Beulah Joseph on Toxic Relationships at Work

Dr. Josephine interviews Beulah Joseph, a Registered Psychologist, researcher, author and Employee Assistance Program Guru about the nature of toxic relationships at work.

We discuss how to identify a toxic relationship or workplace environment, and importantly, what to do if you find yourself in one.

Episode 17: Unique Feminine Strengths for Business

We discuss psychological gender roles, femininity, and the unique feminine strengths we can bring to the business.

Empathy Map https://gamestorming.com/update-to-the-empathy-map/

Episode 16: Creating My Career as a Woman

In this special long episode, Dr. Josephine Palermo shares her journey and provides personal stories of pursuing her career as a woman. Hope you get value from it!

Episode 15: Romantic Relationship at Work

In the theme of Valentine’s Day, we chat about romantic relationships in the workplace. We’ll be discussing if it’s a good idea, what levels of professionalism to keep when we are in relationships at work, and the different effects for men and women, and what to do about handling a relationship breakdown at work.

Episode 14: Relationships and Business

February is relationship month for us so we are starting off the month with a chat about relationships and business, particularly in terms of finding the right business partner and how to build a good partnership. We draw on some famous co-founders for inspiration as well as Lucille Ball!

Episode 13: Downfall of Optimism

Continuing the conversation on Optimism, we now flip the topic to talking about the negative aspects of being overly optimistic in business. As always, please give us your questions and stories: [email protected]

Episode 12: Optimism in 2021

To kickstart our podcast for 2021, we dive into a full conversation about Optimism and how an optimistic outlook grounded in a sense of reality can help businesses and individuals create a sunnier, healthier and more fulfilled future.

Episode 11: Dealing with Burnout

As it’s holiday season, Christy Mori chats with Dr. Josephine Palermo about Burnout and Fatigue and how it can alter lives. We also look at how to recognize the signs and making prevention our best friend.

Episode 10: Customer Delight with guest Matthew Barnet

It’s our 10th episode and we have a wonderful guest to share with us why delighting customers should be part of our business cultures.

We chat with Matthew Barnett, CEO and Co-founder of Bonjoro.

Episode 9: Building Your Best Team

Having a strong team is part of success. This episode discusses about how we can build the best teams and why maintaining your best team is so important.

Episode 8: Compassionate Approach in the Workplace

With some places now coming out of lockdown and others going back in for their second wave, this episode discusses about the importance of a compassionate environment in the workplace and some tips on how leaders can create a culture of compassion in their workplace.

Episode 7: Businesses Finding Recovery After Lockdown

Dr. Josephine Palermo chats with Elis Hoxha of Westwood Knight Accounting about practical ways in which businesses can work their way to recovery after experiencing restrictions and lockdown in some cases.

Episode 6: Remote Work & Coworking

This episode talks about the world of remote working and Dr. Palermo shares her personal story about opening a Coworking Space, Higher Spaces, in Melbourne.

Episode 5: Good Business Culture

We continue the conversation from “bad” culture into “good” culture and how a “good” culture is vital for businesses.

We focus on how much employee engagement will not just be better for the individuals working but the business itself. Dr. Palermo gives tips for leaders for creating and sustaining a “good culture” in business.

Episode 4: Bad Business Culture

This episode explores about what makes a culture “bad” and how people can avoid joining a “bad” business culture and tips for business owners and leaders who want to change their culture to work for them and the people they serve.

Episode 3: Resilience at Work

We dive into topics regarding resilience in life and work. We chat about how resilience can work for us into a positive and constructive way if we recognise the value in the hard times. In business, building a resilient organisation is the difference between surviving or thriving.

Episode 2: Passion at Work

We continue the chat of passion and its place in the workplace including how leaders can cultivate a passionate culture and how jobseekers and employees can ask the right questions in choosing a company that values passion.

Episode 1: Debunking Myths on Following Your Passion

Christy Mori & Dr. Josephine Palermo talk about why following your passion is not all you think it might be.

We chat about the myths of “feeling passionate” and the reality of actually doing the work. There will also be a discussion at the end about the truths of trying to monetize our passions.