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Reenergising a Depleted Team: 6 Conditions

Many of my clients have been noticing the same thing, “Everyone on my team seems tired…all the time. It seems like they’re in a fog, and I don’t know what to do.” The last two years of volatility, increased employee turnover, supply chain disruptions, and changing workforce expectations about flexibility are culminating in a human …

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Why we are not serious about developing team leaders?

In many of the organisations I work with, I find that teams are a protective factor against the adverse effects of stress and burnout. We know that team leaders and managers play a critical role in the team’s performance and their engagement. Yet many organizations are missing an opportunity to seriously develop team leader capability  …

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Do Start-Ups Need a HRMS?

We don’t need human resources! Structure is the death of good culture! I’m hearing this a lot lately. Particularly from  organisations in start-up stages in the tech space. Whilst these organisations are in the early stages of their evolution, they already have a large number of staff (around 250 or over) and  they do care …

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Hybrid Work

Transitioning to Hybrid Working

Transitioning to Hybrid Working is not about going back to normal. 2020 was the year the world went remote. Work from home became a daily norm. Two years later, we now see world economies easing into the new normal. However workplaces are anything but ‘back to normal’. Employers want to re-establish normality and employees want …

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The Relationship between Business Strategy and Company Culture

What is the relationship between business strategy and company culture? How does company culture support business strategy? A business strategy provides direction on operations, rules, resources and priorities that guides your organisation towards your desired goals. It also helps you assess your company’s strengths, areas of improvement, external threats and opportunities for growth. It enables …

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The Perfect Organisational Culture

Is there a perfect organisational culture? How does an organisation determine what culture best impacts its strategies, employees, and clients? Organisational Culture is dynamic and continues to evolve along with your organisation. This means that over time, Organisational Culture will change as your strategy and needs develop. It is critical to define strategies and practices …

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