Networking for Luck

I recently saw this management tip of the day from HBR and it resonated with me, because this is exactly what I do when I network. According to HBR, you can see networking as an opportunity to increase your luck through serendipity and benefit your career. Here’s how it works.

Actively practice connecting with others for the sake of getting to know them, their perspectives, and their stories.

Be curious

If you find yourself being drawn to their story or experience, dig deeper. Ask them questions about how they discovered their passion, what they’ve learned, and what they like or dislike about their role or industry.

Their insights might spur a new sense of motivation or a vision that could lead you to your next career move or new partnership.

This totally flips networking on its axis and is in contrast to all the advice I’ve received about deliberate networking. I prefer to be curious and to lean into all potential connections without ‘qualifying’ them first. You never know where a connection will be made, and how. And my most mind-blowing career moments have been the consequence of serendipity and surprising connections made that I could never have planned for.


Vulnerability and generosity

If you want to ‘bump’ into the right people at the right time, you need to set the foundati0nal conditions for that to happen. This takes concerted effort in building a set of relationships, developed from curiosity, generosity and openness, that end up comprising some of the people that can be pivotal to your career or business.

My best opportunities in business have often come from a friend or close colleague referring me to their friend or close colleague. They know who I am and what I can do, and because I have nurtured a connection with them, I’m also top of mind when someone asks, ‘hey, do you know someone who can..’

So I guess what I’m saying is that it’s the long game I’m after. I network for fun, curiosity, generosity and authenticity…and it creates my network for luck!

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