Feminine Power Retreat

Are you feeling lost, disempowered, or struggling to find your own path? Do you battle imposter syndrome, torn between societal expectations and your true self, and harbor self-limiting beliefs of not feeling good enough or deserving?

It’s time for a transformative shift.

Welcome to our Bali Retreat – a sanctuary for women like you who seek clarity, empowerment, and a deeper connection with their authentic selves.

Go from disempowered to empowered. Shed the Imposter and rise in your Confidence as the true version of you emerges!

In society, women are often presented with two limited archetypes: hypermasculinity or passive femininity. We believe in a third way, a harmonious blend of empathy, collaboration, and collective power that allows you to craft a life that’s uniquely yours.

Plan your Rising! 23-28 May 2024

Join us in Bali for an immersive experience where you’ll not only explore the breathtaking landscapes but also embark on a journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

It’s time to script the next chapter of your life, with confidence, authenticity, and a newfound sense of purpose.

Learn how to…

BE powerful yet still feminine

BE assertive but remain compassionate

LEAD from your heart without the need to compete with others
achieve success without exhaustion and ‘hustling mode’

BALANCE feminine and masculine energies within you

Create a new story with feminine power. 

It’s your story, so create your own plot twist! 

testimonials of past clients

Plan your Rising! May 23-28 2024

We’ll guide you on how to use your authentic feminine power to navigate the world, leading to greater happiness, peace, and contentment. Say goodbye to feeling disempowered or overwhelmed.

You need to embrace your power, and do it unapologetically.

Seize this opportunity to embark on a life-altering journey, surrounded by the lush beauty of Bali. Embrace your unique feminine power and unlock a world of limitless potential. This retreat is your catalyst for transformation, your sanctuary of empowerment, and your gateway to a life filled with fulfillment and contentment.

We will hike to the waterfalls in the jungle, and receive a water blessing in an ancient temple. More than that we will meditate in the rice fields, and do our deepest work.

This retreat is for women:

  • of all stages of their lives, that are ready to take their power back, and do it unapologetically
  • who are curious about exploring the depths of their inner selves, seeking to tap into their inner wisdom, and nurturing their personal growth.
  • who are looking for a clearer sense of purpose, direction, and a renewed perspective on life’s journey.
  • who might be feeling drained, overwhelmed, or disconnected and are seeking a retreat that offers rejuvenation and renewal.
  • who are ready to connect and lead from their feminine power!

The soul comes alive in Bali with ancient traditions and sacred grounds – we will shed that old skin, and the beliefs that no longer serve us and RISE anew.

Join an extraordinary retreat to Bali, where luxury merges with self-discovery, and you become the author of your life’s best chapter yet!

We will help you shift and transform these beliefs so that you can step into your own unique power and recognise your unique strengths. 

You will learn how to re-imagine your work and life through a lens of feminine power. 

Dr Petra and I are experts in helping people transform. This retreat is going to be a transformative experience where you will be given tools and strategies to use feminine and collective power. And you will be in safe hands with experienced and qualified facilitators. 

We’ll hold space to explore the stories that have influenced your use of power to date, and we’ll shift some of those narratives as well and move together through transformation supported by other women. 

And of course, we’re going to have fun! You’ll be free to enjoy a beautiful place and an exceptional environment. You’ll make lifelong friends. And you’ll walk away with strategies to better lead yourself and others and become awakened to more powerful roles and opportunities in your life. 

This will be the beginning

The all-inclusive package includes three group sessions with me after you return home from Bali to keep your transformative process alive when you are back in a familiar environment. We know how to make change stick, and will support you on your journey once you are home.

You’ll always cherish the investment you make in yourself!

Testimonials from participants

The program exceeded my expectations. Absolutely loved the retreat, the venue was beautiful, the workshops were engaging with great facilitation and it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with and learn from other women. Also it was a fabulous opportunity to experience and learn about Balinese culture
Organisational Psychologist
So much about personal power comes from the connections we make with others and the learning we do from others. Having this opportunity in a wonderful location only enhanced the experience
feminine power retreat good friends
Researcher and Auther
It was all beautiful as I allowed myself each day to be open to what was being revealed in every moment!
ex Principal
Magical, surreal, spiritual and the perfect place to connect with yourself
Professional Services

Join us in May 2024
All inclusive

Together we will explore the four feminine archetypes that create femininity and how we are using these energies to create the life outcomes we want. We will explore what holds us back, what are the self limiting beliefs we tell ourselves, like we’re not good enough, or we don’t deserve it. Using proven psychological techniques and we will shift these beliefs to allow for more acceptance and confidence in our lives.  

And of course we will have fun! There will be lots of time for exploring, self care through the wonderful massage spa services provided on site, and fun group dinners and excursions. You will be immersed in Bali culture as you unwind and reveal your true potential to weild your feminine power. 

If you’d like to join me again for a deeper and even more intensive experience in another beautiful location, please register your interest here.

women sitting in a circle rising to feminine power

Luxury Bali Villa: Gaia Retreat

Gaia Retreat Center is nestled in the heart of terraced rice fields located in the creative mecca of Ubud – the most desirable location in Bali and voted the friendliest town in Asia –

  • The view from the villa is quintessential Bali. Think swaying palm trees, therapeutic breeze, beautifully landscaped rice terraces and wind chimes singing away.
  • The grand entrance of Villa Gaia opens up to marble and teak wood that has 8 bedrooms, on-site massage room, far infrared sauna, soft hot tub jacuzzi and semi open dining area overlooking the rice terraces of Bali.
  • The private beautiful chlorine-free pool and sun-loungers are positioned to view and soothe, the body and mind.
  • You can take a leisurely 15 minute stroll to the town center of Ubud and discover a vast array of markets, plant based restaurants, Balinese local warungs (cafes) and a plethora of spas and yoga studios.


  • A transformational program with two facilitators.
  • 1:1 session with the facilitator valued at $650.
  • Post-retreat group coaching sessions x 3 valued at $1,320 (to embed the insights from the retreat once you’re home).
  • Lots of free time for you to reflect and explore our surroundings.
  • Daily Complimentary Breakfast Buffet and Lunches for on-site guests.
  • Welcome flower mandala arrangement.
  • All-natural soap & shampoo and made locally in Bali.
  • Daily maid service and 24-hour security and free Wifi.
  • Unlimited supply of drinking water, herbal tea + Balinese coffee.
  • Private chlorine-free swimming pool, far infrared sauna, hot tub jacuzzi.
  • Free car & driver to inside of the Ubud area, transfers are complimentary for guests in a group transfer format.
  • Complimentary Excursions.
  • Discounted full-body Balinese massage.
  • Discounted colonics.
  • Complimentary Airport / Hotel pick up & drop-off.
women sitting around the breakfast table in Bali

Day 1: Arrival and Balinese Welcome

Day 2: Our Life Wheel and Future Self meditation

Day 3: Water Temple excursion and Feminine energy meditation

Day 4: Archetypes and how to lead with Queen Energy

Day 5: Womb Healing and Re-writing your story

Day 6: Departures

Join us in May 23-28 2024

If you’d like to join me again for a deeper and even more intensive experience in another beautiful location, please register your interest here.

women in a group smiling at each other

Meet your facilitators

woman sitting cross legged hands in prayer position
Dr Josephine Palermo, Phd (Organisational Psychology) Director, Geared for Growth, 6 Team Conditions Australia
Dr Petra Plencnerova, Phd (Psychology) Hypnotherapist

Your are in good hands

This retreat is facilitated by two experienced facilitators with decades of experience helping women transform.

Dr Josephine Palermo, is a Phd in Psychology and author of Rising to Feminine Power: The Lasso of Truth

Dr Petra Plencnerova, is a  Phd in Psychology, Hynotherapist, and Hypnotherapist

Join us in May 23 - 28 2024

If you’d like to join me again for a deeper and even more intensive experience in another beautiful location, please register your interest here.

Rising to Feminine Power

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