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The Relationship between Business Strategy and Company Culture

What is the relationship between business strategy and company culture? How does company culture support business strategy?

A business strategy provides direction on operations, rules, resources and priorities that guides your organisation towards your desired goals. It also helps you assess your company’s strengths, areas of improvement, external threats and opportunities for growth. It enables planning, reflections and innovation in improving your systems and processes and also in generating new ways to solve problems.


Many businesses often separate strategy and culture from one another but it is crucial that your organisational culture supports your overall business strategy. While a business strategy is the road map to success, organisational culture is what facilitates action, behaviour, and purpose.

Ways Culture Supports Strategy

Ways Culture Supports Strategy

1. Stimulates employee engagement.
2. Determines how much risk your business can take.
3. Facilitates communication about effectively dealing with challenges.
4. Emphasises your organisation’s values like excellence, integrity, purpose and passion.
5. Unites your workforce to deliver consistent quality work for clients and other stakeholders.

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