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My Favourite Playful Practices

At work we often double down on the aspects of yourself that leads with confidence, is in control and driven to succeed on your life mission. But often our strengths can also be our weaknesses. I fall into this trap myself. Sometimes I need to remind myself to add play in my day, and leverage it’s creativity and emotional expression. This is especially true when I’m working from home in isolation from others. 

 Laughter and play is so important for longevity. Studies (for example) have shown the link between longevity and laughter, so there a lots of benefits in creating more playfulness in your day. 


I pulled together my favourite ideas for creating more playfulness. You might like to try some of these too. Let me know if they work for you! 

Desk Toy Delight
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 Keep a small collection of playful desk toys or stress-relief gadgets. Squeezable stress balls, fidget spinners, or miniature desktop games can add a touch of playfulness to work breaks. I have a spinning top on my desk, I particularly love giving that a spin as a way of preparing for my next meeting.

Emoji Challenge
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Communicate with colleagues using emojis for a day. Challenge yourself to express ideas, emotions, or responses solely through emojis in emails or messages. It adds a fun twist to regular communication. If you’d like to try this I would love to hear how that went! 

Lunchtime Adventures
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Instead of eating at your desk at work or home, take a break to explore your surroundings. Find a nearby park, try a new restaurant, or bring a picnic to a local spot. It’s a simple way to inject some variety and playfulness into your routine. I explore my neighbourhood laneways and little back alleys, I love it! 

Colourful Wardrobe Days
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Designate certain days of the week for wearing bright and vibrant colours. Experiment with different combinations to add a playful touch to your outfits. It’s a small but effective way to bring joy into your day. I like to add a colourful scarf to a monochrome outfit, and when I do that I get SO many comments, people pick up on your Girl energy! 

Playful Playlists
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 Create playlists of your favourite upbeat or nostalgic songs. Use them as background music while working or commuting. Music has the power to uplift your mood and infuse a sense of playfulness into your day. 

Creative Doodles

Keep a sketch pad or notebook handy for spontaneous doodling. During breaks, let your creativity flow with doodles, drawings, or even simple sketches. It’s a delightful and artistic way to take a mental break

Fun Fitness Together
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Turn fitness routines into a social and playful activity. Join a dance class, take up a group sport, or participate in a charity run together.  Many women who come to my Bellydance classes with friends really enjoy sharing the experience and also tend to stick with it more consistently.

Virtual or in-Person Game Nights
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Designate a specific night each week for family game night. Choose a variety of board games, card games, or even video games that everyone can enjoy. It’s a great way to bond and share some laughs. We love to play Magic and Go Fish! What’s your game? 

Storytime Laughter
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Dedicate a few minutes each day to viewing or reading a light-hearted or humorous story. It could be a funny blog post, your favourite comedian on Youtube, a chapter from a comedic book, or even a collection of jokes. Laughter is a wonderful way to inject playfulness into your day. 

So play today in between the work and the to do lists, and let me know how it goes. 

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