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Are we still in a pandemic? How to effectively lead a team in 2021

We have successfully endured 2020. We utilised all our coping strategies and positivity to get through the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that the pandemic generated for so many of us. Now we have great expectations for 2021 in the context of a continuing pandemic and the lagging impacts to come. We are tired, fatigued, and weary. We are asking ourselves how to effectively lead a team in 2021? 

First we have to acknowledge that the impact of Covid-19 on our psychological and physical wellbeing was dramatic and devastating for some in 2020. Indeed, people are still suffering these effects with impacts on stress and productivity.

Injecting energy, wellbeing and inspiration back into your workforce requires concerted effort from leaders and business owners. Here are some things you need to know about how to effectively lead a team in 2021.  What can you do to safeguard your team from further undue stress and ill-health as a consequence of a persistent pandemic environment.

Know Your People

  • Make room for the slow talk and the coffees
  • Ask about how things are going, and not going
  • Ask people about how they’re community, friends and family are doing (they will often tell you about themselves when they point out the problems of others)
  • Encourage your people to have similar talks with each other
  • As a leader, share your own problems and how you are overcoming them as a leader.

Know Your Purpose

Creating and pursuing a meaningful purpose can be a protective factor against stress and anxiety

  • Reset your teams with a workshop or discussion about how they’re compelling purpose and how each team member contributes to that purpose.
  • Remind them about their strengths and reinforce how the team values their input and contribution
  • Create practices and habits that reward and recognise strengths and achievements
  • As a leader share your organisation’s purpose and your own purpose as a leader.

Know Where You're Going

  • Share your optimistic view of the future. This doesn’t you are in denial about reality, more that you see opportunities for yourself and your people in the future.
  • Create opportunities for teams to set goals and plan.
  • Delegate the “HOW” to each team so they can get there in the best way that addresses their current capacity and capabilities.
  • Increase psychological safety by actively encouraging a test and learn environment and learning culture. Speak about failures and learnings as positive steps towards achieving goals.

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