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Changing Your Company Culture

How Do You Change Your Company Culture?

As a result of focus and reflection on their culture, organisations are asking ‘how do you change company culture?’ It is not only a matter of changing culture but more of shaping it to be fit for purpose.

Change is the only constant in life but changing without a need or goal is pointless. You need to consider what kind of culture works best in your organisation which supports your goals and strategies, and then assess any gaps from your current perspective.

Change can be overwhelming especially when you are trying to change so many things all at once, resulting in confusion and a lack of focus. It’s important to prioritise and focus on the most crucial areas, creating a realistic action plan.

Choosing changes that fit the needs of your organisation is easier with the right tools and an evidence based methodology. I have facilitated many cultural change strategies informed by what science tells us creates strong cultures.

You can read more from Hofstede Insights.

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