Josephine Palermo

I help Businesses and Entrepreneurs achieve greater revenue by creating business systems that are geared for growth. I help them identify which business systems and cultures are not geared for growth and show them how to change them. I help them change processes, tools, people and culture to achieve bigger dreams in their business. I find untapped potential in people and systems, freeing up resources that can be used to help businesses grow and thrive. The results are more time for business owners and managers, more value to customers and more engaged staff. I have a vast experience in changing business systems in large organisations and institutions. I want to bring these approaches to business owners by identifying the small changes that can make big differences. I'm passionate about new ways of working and inspired by technology, and particularly how it can transform people's lives. And I'm passionate about thinking about work differently so that we can bring our whole self to work. I value innovation, social progress, team work / projects, flexibility and agility. I'm bold and colourful yet diligent and thorough, with a work ethic that comes from my Italian roots. I'm a conceptual thinker and know how to execute change for small or large teams.

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Are we still in a pandemic? How to effectively lead a team in 2021

We have successfully endured 2020. We utilised all our coping strategies and positivity to get through the stress, anxiety and uncertainty that the pandemic generated for so many of us. Now we have great expectations for 2021 in the context of a continuing pandemic and the lagging impacts to come. We are tired, fatigued and weary. What do we do to invigorate ourselves and our teams?

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Create a good company culture to attract the right customers to you

Are you working on your company culture? If you’re not you are missing opportunities to attract the right employees and customers. Building the right culture for your business increases employee engagement and attracts customers. But what does the ‘right’ culture mean? And I promise it’s not one size fits all! Culture is a set of …

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