Rising to Feminine Power


The Lasso of Truth


Are you curious about your power or the power that someone else has over you?

Are you searching for ways to grow your feminine power, and then hold onto it once you have it?

You are not alone – women think about this often. On a given day, most women may move between feelings of disempowerment, to a place of equality, and then to a feeling of genuine feminine strength and back again, many times over. Moving between these various states of empowerment can feel like being on a kind of power see-saw. So how do you get off the see-saw and harness your feminine powers so this becomes your natural state?

In Rising to Feminine Power: The Lasso of Truth, author Dr Josephine Palermo explores the individual journeys of women who have discovered true feminine power in their work and life. This motivational book shares the personal stories of the women themselves, taking a closer look at how different women unleash their power, lose it, keep it and create magic with it.

For the purposes of the book, power is defined in a relational way, it’s the way we relate to our environment. And others. It isn’t a separate trait within the individual, it is a relational outcome of people, groups and structures. Oftentimes those structures are designed in a way that advantages and disadvantages certain groups of people in society, including women. As Dr Palermo probes into the various factors at play, you will gain valuable insight into relational power, uncovering what gets in the way of empowerment and why.

This book is about the journey women go through to unleash their feminine powers. Through honest and inspiring stories told by almost 30 women in their own authentic voices, you will learn about how these women from various backgrounds and cultures experience power and disempowerment throughout their lives as leaders, mothers, grandmothers, wives, divorcees, sisters and the many other roles women play in their communities and industries.

Bringing a deep understanding of gender psychology and gender equality, Dr Palermo explores how women can use a positive feminine lens to create and build shared, collective power in place of individualistic power. Weaving real life stories with academic research and studies on women in power, she contextualises these lessons from social science to learn how and why women use and struggle with power.

Today, more than ever, the world needs more women in positions of power so that we can solve some of the most complex problems the planet is facing. The world needs you to step up in positivity – for your family, for your children, and for your future self. In Rising to Feminine Power, Dr Palermo encourages us to take a stance, put our fists on our hips and channel our Wonder Woman with the Lasso of Truth to understand and unveil all those things that have been hidden from us. To be inspired to make the smallest next step into your own personal power.


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